Liz Tooke, Fordingbridge


Jen, Salisbury

Employee, Trussell Trust

I completed the Lightning Process in January this year, I had chronic pain mostly in my legs and feet. I learnt how to reset this so that my legs and feet felt more comfortable. I also learnt a lot about how my thoughts were influencing my health and how I could change this so that life was really enjoyable. So much has changed, I now volunteer at a wildlife centre, have completed a first aid course and am doing more of the things I love. This has had a positive impact on those closest to my heart. It's early days and I don't always get it right but I now know I have the skills to get myself back on track if I falter. 

I have absolutely NO pain since I saw you yesterday for a “follow up”.
I have been so relaxed, it is unbelievable.
Thank you very much.

Just wanted to provide some feedback on the Effective Communication course yesterday - IT WAS GREAT! Really thought-provoking, engaging and provided clear takeaways that will help with day-to-day work activites. Would definitely recommend

Mr Y, Salisbury

I have been in a very dark place for a large number of years. Seeing Nikki is by far the best thing I have ever done. She is incredibly easy to talk to and she actually listens. Her patience is endless and her help immense. I can honestly say she has helped me in a way no one else has ever been able to. I now feel I have a future thanks to her.”

Aimee, Bristol


LM, Salisbury

Nikki is an amazing person. To understand everything that she has overcome and witnessed how she now helps and transforms other peoples lives is incredible. The talks that I have had with Nikki have opened my eyes and my mind and see things from a totally new perspective. She has a very calm and relaxing tone and aura, which instantly puts you at ease in her company. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Nikki as her methods and outlook are truly inspiring and life-changing.’”

My sessions with Nikki were life changing. She is incredibly kind and understanding of any situation and allows you the time and space to discuss your concerns. Nikki puts no pressure to sign up for several session, she will focus on what you need through a session by session basis and is incredibly welcoming. I would certainly recommend her.”