Nikki is an amazing person. To understand everything that she has overcome and witnessed how she now helps and transforms other peoples lives is incredible. The talks that I have had with Nikki have opened my eyes and my mind and see things from a totally new perspective. She has a very calm and relaxing tone and aura, which instantly puts you at ease in her company. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Nikki as her methods and outlook are truly inspiring and life-changing.’
— Aimee xxx
I contacted Nikki when my anxiety and panic started interfering with my every day life. As soon as I met Nikki I felt instantly relaxed, she has such a calm and caring manner. NIkki helped me to look at my anxiety in a completely different way, I can’t believe one sessions had such a positive impact on my life and I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend Nikki to anyone who needs a little help
— G, Amesbury
My sessions with Nikki were life changing. She is incredibly kind and understanding of any situation and allows you the time and space to discuss your concerns. Nikki puts no pressure to sign up for several session, she will focus on what you need through a session by session basis and is incredibly welcoming. I would certainly recommend her.
— LM, Salisbury
With your help I feel more confident speaking to people, I now have a job in a café where I socialise with customers day to day and feel calmer when customers can be difficult and when things go wrong.
Furthermore, I’m more relaxed especially coming up to my GCSE’s which is an important time for me and could be stressful. The thoughts I had which use to distract me in lessons I can now put to the back of my mind and focus on what is necessary at the present time - which is brilliant for me - thank you.
— MS, Alderbury
I have been feeling pretty good about things and I will certainly contact you if I’m feeling I need to! Thank you for your help! You’re fantastic at what you do!
— SO, Salisbury
I contacted Nikki to talk about my anxiety issues in regards to anything medical. Needles, x rays, scans, etc. Nikki listened to my concerns as to how it’s held me back in situations and quickly and professionally assessed the best help for me to achieve my goal of having no anxiety in these areas. And also my want not to pass these “issues” onto my kids.
I am ecstatic to report that after one session, I can confidently read things now that can graphically describe medical “stuff” and am confident that my anxiety will not be there the next time I attend a flu jab or have my blood pressure taken.
Thanks so much Nikki! X
— RG, Somerset
Within 60 minutes a major obstacle in my life had been put into perspective and relegated firmly into my past.
Nikki is a calming and wonderful influence who instantly makes you feel relaxed and ready to progress forwards.
— Mrs S, Wiltshire
I was lucky enough to see Nikki about a phobia I have and straight away she made me feel very calm and at ease. She is very professional and once you start talking to her you will soon realise that whatever your phobia or anxiety is, it is nothing that can not be conquered. She helped me with my fears and I am very grateful to her for that.
— DP, Near Salisbury, Wiltshire
I’ve had a couple of Skype sessions with Nikki and to be perfectly honest I had no idea what to expect...the stuff this lady does is amazing! In the past I’ve been very uncomfortable with flying - after a couple of sessions I went on holiday and had absolutely no issues; yesterday I had 2 flights and slept all the way through the second one!!!
— VM, Sheffield
Fab session with the wonderful Nikki Emerton. Check out her page.....amazing!
— SC, Salisbury
I had many reasons to leave but thought it was worth a try. Met by a friendly and welcoming face, Nikki instantly had me at ease and feeling comfortable about being there. We discussed the issue and ultimately what my end goal was. Nikki calmly explained that she would talk me through the history of this problem so that she could ascertain the best way to progress.
Relaxed and calm, listening to the gentle words spoken to me. I had my eyes closed and could see my problems before me and under Nikki’s guidance could also see the solution. No prodding, poking pain or voodoo!
— K, Wiltshire