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What are the benefits?

Often you will have a student that is capable but is not achieving their potential and the reason you suspect , is more emotional intelligence rather than academic. The curriculum has little resources for this kind of learning. NLP based play therapy along with strategies and skills that are taught can offer resources that can teach students how to become more emotionally intelligent, be more resilient and gain confidence.

How can this help?

Working with the whole class to empower confidence, boost self-esteem and create that can do attitude.

Working in small groups to teach confidence, resilience, resolve anxiety and how to be calm so that children can manage their own emotional state.

Working 1:1 with students, identifying their specific skills gap, practitioners can teach these skills to the student. The often astounding results see the student become confident, empowered and begin to achieve their true potential.

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Who can benefit?

The most common reason I work with students in school are those with fear based conditions such as anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, lack of self worth, negative self-talk, overwhelmed, amongst many other behavioural indications that things aren’t as they maybe should be. What I have found is that almost anything that is holding a student back can be resolved using the skills of NLP, unlocking their potential to enable them to achieve.

Recent self-reporting questionnaire from school children aged between 7 and 9

Recent self-reporting questionnaire from school children aged between 7 and 9