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Free taster session - The Lightning Process, Using Neuroscience to rebuild health

How can you use neuroscience to rebuild health?

By creating new neural pathways (brain connections) you are in effect rewiring how your brain works, creating new ways of thinking, feeling and doing. The most empowering thing about this is that once you have overcome the original issues, you can then start applying these tools on different areas of your life that you want to change.

During this talk I will be sharing how I used neuroscience to rebuild my health and happiness from chronic fatigue and pain, depression and anxiety to full health, this will include The Lightning Process® which is a training workshop that focuses on how the brain and body interact; it gives you powerful tools and strategies to use this brain-body link to influence your health and life.

I will be teaching you a simple technique to apply in your own lives to begin to change your health and life.

The training is run over three consecutive days, during which you will learn a technique that gives you control over unconscious automatic thought patterns and behaviours. You will learn to quickly change unwanted thoughts and feelings and discover how these negative patterns affect the mind and body through the nervous system and how this can lead to many different health issues.

By applying this technique when needed, you will create new pathways within your brain so they become unconscious and automatic; replacing the old limiting patterns and returning your body’s nervous system to its optimal state.

I commonly see people with the following physical & emotional issues:




Anxiety, stress & panic attacks

Digestive & eating issues

Low Self Esteem

Earlier Event: July 15
Using Neuroscience to Rebuild Health
Later Event: August 28
Lightning Process Training Course