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Happy confident kids 3-week course

All children are natural can-doers. Some just need a little help to harness their inner super-hero. And that’s exactly what Happy Confident Kids is about. HCK offers workshops to children aged 5-16.

Developed by qualified NLP practitioners, workshops help grow children’s confidence, self-esteem, and resilience through a series of carefully planned games and exercises, with a focus on having fun!

Activities range from the power of word-association (neuro-linguistics) to roleplay and relaxation, teaching children confidence-building techniques they can take away with them. HCK’s workshops give children the tools to help manage and develop their own emotional well-being, empowering them to be confident from within for life.

Workshops are held in a supportive, nurturing environment designed to put children at ease and help them address unhelpful thoughts and feelings through play therapy.

All children deserve a life free from feelings of ‘can’t’. HCK helps children recapture the ‘can-do’ they were born with and hold onto it forever.

Just imagine what they could achieve…