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Lightning Process® Training Course

The Lightning Process applies this sound scientific principle so you can get back in charge of three very important processes in your body – The Physical Emergency Response (PER), Allostatic Load and Neuro plasticity.

The seminar itself is an interactive teaching experience, run in an informal, discussion-based, class-room style. It is run over the course of three, consecutive, half-days and attended by a few other people with similar issues (often along with parents/carers). There is also the option to take the training as a 1:1. The seminar is led by a trained Lightning Process practitioner, using a coaching style that encourages self-reflection whilst being caring and compassionate.

A number of key concepts are explained, discussed and practiced within the seminar; all of which are designed to encourage an understanding of how we can use the brain to make changes to our body’s level of health. These topics include; how important the words we use are in activating brain pathways; how movement can change brain activation and health; how to develop a supportive internal dialogue.

The practical teaching elements include mental rehearsal techniques, the use of simple postural exercises, movements and gestures (including a ‘stop’ process to interrupt unhelpful pathways) and self-coaching tools that help to steer the brain towards pathways that stimulate better physiology and recovery.

Each day some simple homework is given, including self-devised goal setting, that helps put the tools into practice and ensures the main teaching points have been understood. On day 2 and 3 some time is spent reflecting on successes and any issues when using the tools outside of the seminar (this is why its run over 3 consecutive days).