It's all about perspective

In life, rarely is anything ‘wrong’ or ‘right". ‘Wrong" and ‘right’, especially regarding where you want to go in life, are relative terms.

A much more useful way to look at things is ‘what is the most useful response or thing’.

Too often, we think of success or doing what we love as an end goal or achievement as if it is some destination that we must reach. What so many people fail to realise is that both of those terms are more of an approach to the journey, not the end of the journey itself. You are successful and on track when you are walking your path, always learning, always growing. As a result, you often end up doing what you love when you see every moment as an opportunity.

It's your responsibility to discover what that opportunity is.

Where a lot of people seem to get frustrated is they see everything as permanent. They say, ‘I'm stuck here,’ looking at their mundane job as the end, there is nowhere else to go, and they feel like they will never reach the desired destination of success. But no matter where you work, or what you're doing, there are lessons to be learned. And unless you can discover those lessons and embrace your own journey, you will never actually reach the state of feeling successful.

The reason why so many people struggle with this is that it means taking accountability. It is so easy to sit in an office or be somewhere you enjoy being and say, if only I had …… or why can’t I just be happy? This is the same as blaming other people for how you feel or your personal issues. Just like a mirror, if you point, your reflection will point back.

The key to shifting your perspective is to remember what you're aiming for. For example: A job where you perform mundane tasks is going to continue being mundane if you just see it as just a job. But a job where you perform mundane tasks that could be a way to learn skills you need to one day do what it is you truly want to do is no longer just a job. It's an opportunity to learn, it’s a stepping stone to greater things.

If you look at the above paragraph, nothing physical changed. You didn't move offices. You didn't get a raise. You didn't work with people that are "more fun."

The only thing that changed was your perspective.

And that makes all the difference.

Nikki EmertonComment