How to Redress Depression

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start; when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, the wood for the trees, then end to all of this.

Begin to start to take these easy steps to change the way you think.

Like all thoughts, when you practice them they become easier and then habitual so start by each morning write down 5 things you are looking forward to or are great about your day, these can be really simple things.

This allows you to look forward to things. By doing this it also begins to refocus your thought processes to look for the good things, essentially depression comes with the ability to focus on those things that go wrong.

When practiced this becomes progressively easier as each day you will start to notice that you are looking for those things that are great each day.

Then, before you go to bed, write down 5 things that were great about the day. This allows you to begin rest and repair thinking positively about the day that you have just had. This alters your neuro-pathways and our minds are wired to make those things we do most often easier to access.

Depression is often hopelessness about the future and regrets about the past and if we do this often enough it is what our minds start looking for. To start to redress depression remember to THINK:

What am I looking forward to today?

What was great about today?

This alters the neuro-pathways to start looking for the great or positive things.