It's all about Desire

Sometimes we set ourselves goals, tasks, targets and wonder why we don’t achieve them.

There are many areas where these goals are set, lifestyle, weight, fitness, financial, work, the list is endless but why don’t we always achieve them when they have been set in good faith?

Setting aside those goals that are just not achievable or something tangible has got in the way – often it is about the desire to step out of our comfort zone – be prepared to do what we haven’t done before in order to achieve that goal.

What does desire mean? It means we have a strong feeling or want to door have something.

But is that enough?

If your goal is to lose weight then the desire to do so has to out weigh the steps required to lose that weight. If the goal is to change your job then the desire has to be sufficient enough to inspire you to take action to make a change. If the goal is fitness then the desire to act and exercise has to be more potent than the desire to be inactive – something has to drive you off the sofa!

Why is it all about desire and not willpower?

Willpower by definition is control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. Our social understanding of the word transcribes as an external influence or a denying ourselves something – doesn’t sound great, does it?

Desire, however, is emotionally driven from within, it is not about doing but more about feeling. This makes it much more powerful as it is driven towards something (the goal) rather than willpower, which is denying us something – sounds much better doesn’t it?

Nikki EmertonComment