Take charge of your chronic illness or condition, your fear or phobia, your lack of confidence, know which direction you're heading in. Make a conscious choice to make change.

Some of the most common reasons for accessing complimentary therapy are detailed in the pages, the list is not exhaustive.

Anxiety, stress and lack of sleep are becoming more apparent and alarmingly so in adolescence.

The interventions I offer work very well where people have become neuro-physiologically stuck i.e physical symptoms and an emotional response, even if this is just something like being stressed about having hayfever or a phobia.

One of my favourite films for explaining emotions is Inside Out, I particularly like this short video which explains anxiety, depression, grief and moving on


Often, a whole person approach is required to reach wellness in both mind and body and the following websites/contact details are affiliated and/or recommended :

Harnham Physiotherapy

Well Natural Ltd (health food and supplement shop)

Body Fabulous (nutrition)

Daniel Kronenberg (fellow hypnotherapist)

Andrea Burton (Naturopath)

Maggie Palmer (Reiki and Shamanic Healing)

Owen Morgan (Massage Therapist)