Take charge of your chronic illness or condition, your fear or phobia, your lack of confidence, know which direction you're heading in. Make a conscious choice to make a change.

Below are some of the most common reasons for accessing complimentary therapy, the list is not exhaustive.

Anxiety, stress and lack of sleep are becoming more apparent and alarmingly so in adolescence.

The interventions I offer work very well where people have become neuro-physiologically stuck i.e physical symptoms and an emotional response, even if this is just something like being stressed about having hayfever or a phobia.


Allergies – Hayfever, animals and food (excludes medicines and anaphylactic).

 Anxiety – Worrying about future events that may or may not ever happen. Worrying what people think of you – even those you barely know.

Confidence – lacking in self confidence – despite knowing that you are capable of achieving having previously done so on many occasion, you still doubt yourself.

Eating issues – relationships with food can be challenging and often destructive.

Energy – Along with motivation can be lacking for no particular reason

Fatigue – Tired all the time for no particular reason, can be prolonged self stress, anxiety or pain, illness or underlying virus.

Grief – Everyone deals with grief in their own way, no way os right or wrong as long as it is useful to you.

Habit changing – such as nail biting, over-eating, Raynaud’s (white finger syndrome), Tinnitus.

Life Coaching – lacking a sense of direction as where you want to go next.

Nerves – Whether it be exams, job interviews, public speaking or generalised.

Motivation – lacking in motivation to achieve your goals.

Moving on from – Relationships, breakdowns, loss of loved ones, situations beyond your control but have impacted you negatively.



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Pain – Chronic pain can be debilitating but also resolvable.

Panic Attacks – These can occur anywhere and over anything, going outside, busy places, driving, are but a few.

Phobias – Fears, often irrational especially of things that many other people are quite happy with such as spiders, flying, flying insects, needles, doctors.

Personal development – Being the best version of you that you can be.

Public Speaking – fear of speaking in front of crowds, whether small or large.

Relationship challenges – partners, children, parents, peers. They can all be difficult to manage at some point in our lives.

Sleeping – Struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, waking early or restless and poor quality.

Smoking cessation – Want to give up but something seems to get in the way?

Sports Performance – do you need to up your game?

Stress – Losing sleep at night thinking and overthinking about events past and present. Not being able to manage daily life. Focussing in what has gone wrong and deleting what has gone right.

Tinnitus - a chronic condition which can be alleviated using NLP, Hypnotherapy and the Lightning Process®

Weight Management – Wanting to lose weight without surgery? Diets haven’t worked?