Achieving Health and Happiness


Your 12-week programme to achieving health and happiness in mind and body

Week 1 - Preparation and discovering what it is that you want to change. Setting out a plan and beginning the journey to achieving your health and happiness.

Week 2 - Getting you on track to achieving your goals, changing destructive thought patterns and behaviours. Teaching you to take back charge of your thoughts.

Week 4 - Reflection of all those positive changes that you have been making and taking the next steps.

Week 6 - Highlighting and resolving any other issues or challenges that may have arisen during the previous sessions.

Week 9 - Re-visiting all that has been learnt, appraising and reinforcing all of the positive changes that you have noticed and fine tuning.

Follow-up - approximately 6-12 weeks after the final session, this is an opportunity to hone your skills after having gained many weeks of improved health and happiness.

The Achieving Health and Happiness package costs just £525 and if paid in full at the start will gain you an additional follow-up for free within 6 months of the start date.