Depression - living in the past, regretting past events or berating yourself for getting it wrong in the past. This is the simplistic version but in reality it is far more complex with physical, neurological and environmental aspects all contributing - it's no wonder there is no single effective treatment suitable for all. I experienced many episodes of depression and fully understand how individually it affects people. 


Grief – Everyone deals with grief in their own way, no way or right or wrong as long as it is useful to you. There are models which suggest that there are 7 stages that you go through - if that's not you then what do you do? There are also studies to suggest that you never 'get over it', you just learn to live with it - what if that's not enough? NLP and other therapies such as Shamanic healing work towards accepting and altering how we recall those people or things we have lost so that we can look back with a more appropriate response that leaves us feeling the benefits from knowing the person or having the thing, shifting our perspective so that we can remember differently, in a way that is more peaceful.

Moving on from – Relationships, breakdowns, loss of loved ones, situations beyond your control but have impacted you negatively.