Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be as a result of prolonged release of the stress hormones, which in turn 'excites' our nervous system meaning that the messages from our body to our brain can become misinterpreted. The pain is real however the specialist medical service are unable to find a cause. Chronic pain can also be as a result of an old injury, which has since healed, but the message has not been switched off. 

Chronic Fatigue


Post Viral Fatigue

Chronic fatigue, CFS or M.E. are often experienced alongside chronic pain and is a debilitating illness, is beyond tired, it is beyond a few nights lack of sleep. From experience it was total exhaustion that was not relieved by sleep, rest or recuperation.  Chronic fatigue can be as a result of the physical emergency response being switched on much more often than our bodies can cope with, it steals from other systems such as sleep, digestion, thinking and leaves us feeling overwhelmingly exhausted.


When we are processing a virus, one that takes an immense amount of effort to recover from, sometimes we can get 'stuck'. Our bodies become accustomed to the internal fight required to resolve a virus and the process becomes unconsciously habitual.  Sometimes we can still feel exhausted long after we have medically recovered from the virus leaving us feeling like we haven't  got over it, like the virus s lingering and we can't quite shake it off.