There are more than 1.5 million* people in the UK suffering from Fibromyalgia.

There are approximately 250,000* people in the UK suffering from chronic fatigue CFS/ME.

Anxiety has risen by more than 42%* in the last 5 years.

Could this be you? Are you looking to take back charge of your thoughts, your responses, behaviours and life? 

Long-lasting and positive change so that you can change habitual behaviours, resolve conflict and take back charge of your life.

Be U can empower you to develop skills to become resilient, resourceful & self-reliant .

Here at Be U, I aim to help you move forward as quickly as possible, often in 2-4 sessions unlike many other therapies. Attending to what you can change rather than what you can't. Sessions are unique, as are you, and are tailored to allow you to get the very best for yourself. You service your car, why not yourself?

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We all process information we receive in our own unique way. This is why two people can experience what should be the ‘same’ thing but respond very differently by using Neuro-linguistic Programming (body & mind connection), Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Lightning Process®, Be U can help you develop long-lasting change.

Click above to book a free no obligation consultation by telephone or Skype. Face to face can be arranged by prior agreement and is particularly useful for those under 16.


The empathetic nature of NLP encompasses the uniqueness of every individual and is compassionate in bringing about positive life-changing benefits, the benefits extending beyond the person to those around them.

Hypnotherapy utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Hypnosis is widely promoted as a treatment for various long-term conditions and for breaking certain habits.

Coaching aims to help and empower others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, exploring your potential and achieving ambitions.

* source NHS